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Woods gained from specially cultivated pinewood are chipped and cleared from dust and dirt. After drying process, these chips are united in 3 main layers. Then, these 3 layers are unified under high temperature and pressure with a special glue that provides a full protection from water, moisture and infestation.

It bears nail and it doesn’t intumesce. It is huge saving from labour and material.

Area of Usage; 
- Flooring, roofing, as a plate under tile and shingle, 
- Supporting ground, wall and partition 
- Wall lining,
- Furniture, and interior decoration, 
- Packaging industry, 
- Storage, stage, desk, table,  
- In huts and prefabricated buildings, 
- Store and shop building and its decoration. 

- 1220 x 2440 x 9 mm 
- 1220 x 2440 x 10 mm 
- 1220 x 2440 x 11 mm 
- 1220 x 2440 x 15 mm 
- 1220 x 2440 x 18 mm 

Currently, we have Norbord OSB imported from Canada in our stocks. We can supply 9mm, 11mm, and 15mm.