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Why Wood?

Wood has high bearing capacity

Wood has much more bearing capacity than concrete and steel. One kilogram wood bears much more weight than one kilogram concrete and steel. With wood, it is possible to reach 250 length without pillar. In these kind of buildings, because of its weight, steel is not feasible.

Wood is long lasting

For enduring capacity, wood is one of the most lasting product against weather conditions and chemicals. The life of wooden stakes used in the telecommunication wires and wooden bridges are approximately 50 years. In these areas, the life of concrete, steel and PVC is much more less, even equals to the wood’s halflife. Also in earthquake, wood is one of the most enduring products used in the construction business. Today, with the new preserving methods and technology, it is possible to increase the durability of wood.

Wood has high resistance to fire

Contrary to general opinion, wood’s resistance to the fire is higher than concrete and steel. Today, statistics and researches shows that wood is one of the most reliable product against fire. The cause of fire is never be the wood and because of its heatproof and carbonization feature, it is much more resistant to a fire. Today, wooden buildings can be constructed as 30-90 minutes durable against fire. However, because of its coefficient of expansion, bare steel construction can only resist a fire 10 minutes and then collapse without warning. Because of these reasons, today in USA, in many building’s skeleton such as indoor sport centers’, wood usage is common rather than steel. Also in Germany, steel constructions are covered with wood, because of the same reasons.

Wood is healthy

High rate of warm and moisture insulation features of wooden buildings creates the most healthy environment for human life. Concrete buildings can create toxic environment, because it spreads radon gas.

Wood is the only renewable resource

Wood requires minimum energy for both cultivation and processing. With the sustainable forest management policies, the usage of wood do not result in deforestation, on the contrary, it enhances and protect the forest lands.